PODENY is a brand that bases its aesthetic on a life of travel living across 3 countries over 20 years & the cultures & artistic influences gained along the way. Comfort & luxurious fabrics are the keystone to its existence, a form of sustainability in a world of fast disposable fashion. PODENY is ageless, a capsule wardrobe for women on the go & one to pass on to your daughters. 

Our collection is entirely natural in origin, Wool cashmere, Italian merino & British hand printed heavy weight silks, hand sewn in England, luxury to last.

Our Founder & Creative Director Claire has worked in Fashion for 20 years, in many Senior Positions based in New York City. Her main focus throughout her career was to infuse fresh ideas & energise well known brands such as Massimo Dutti & Club Monaco. She believes women deserve to be celebrated at all ages, that the accessible Premium capsule clothes she found in the USA were hard to find when she moved to the UK, where fast cheap fashion rules...

PODENY will strive to bridge that gap. Affordable luxury, a return to superior quality,
luxury layers, and lasting fashion. Having just left her beloved New York, after 15 years of fast energetic fashion & frivolity, she now lives with her husband & three daughters in the beautiful english countryside where PODENY can breathe & absorb all the elegance London has to offer. Heavily influenced by a passion for art & design she dreams of a sustainable future for her daughters where a respect for well made clothes and longevity are prevalent. We hope PODENY finds room in the hearts & homes of all stylish grandmothers, mothers & daughters...

Welcome to PODENY....where fashion & art collide