Sustainability & Responsibility

 Sustainable & Responsible Development Goals

PODENY Is keen long term to become a more ethical and responsible company so have outlined goals that we’d like to reach by 2026. creating forward-thinking cashmere, minimising plastics, fair working conditions, and customer engagement.
Forward-Thinking Knitwear
Continue to understand what makes the best fibre choice for a garment, stay focused & pre-merchandise all product before sampling begins to minimise the potential for excess sampling & therefore wastage. using full-circle thinking, informed collaboration in our design process to help us make the best and most efficient decisions & communicate these directly to the factory.
Minimising Plastics
Each PODENY garment that makes its way from China to the UK is carefully shipped in individual poly bags in order to maintain freshness, protect from soiling & prevent the delicate cashmere fibres from snagging or pilling. In order to minimise plastic consumption we reuse each bag for either storage, or re-shipping of garments onto our wholesale buyers or recycling them. We have not thrown any bags away irresponsibly since we started PODENY & We’d like to get to a point whereby we can find a more forward thinking solution to ship & protect goods.
Paper Packaging
In place of our double boxed luxury gift packaging, we have introduced new single 80% recycled & 100% recyclable boxes for all our online orders to reach customers. All our luxury tissue paper has been replaced by recycled tissue paper.
Fair Working Conditions
PODENY believes in diversity and a workplace free from any discrimination or unfair treatment. Any employee or person within the supply chain should be treated with respect & paid in accordance with effort & skill.
Customer Engagement & Longevity
PODENY believes the future of retail is to return to ‘slow’ fashion as opposed to the current ‘fast’ fashion mood where the life span of luxury fashion items spans three months. The wastage caused by this mindset needs to be addressed and we need to take more accountability. We need to continue to Inform customers on how to care & look after our knitwear in the best way possible. Understanding the importance of proper care instructions in the garments, providing our customers with the knowledge & possibility of repairing a damaged garment. Encourage sharing and re-selling of much loved items with the end goal to support sustainability, slow fashion & reduce wasteful consumption.